Breaking Free

For years I was tightly wound and religiously bound in the cocoon of moral acceptability.

Afraid to be me afraid of being free, afraid of the judgment that would be heralded at me. Afraid to live wishing to die so that I could be free to live in my home on high.

But all of that has changed, because I have changed, I have rid myself of the thoughts and the expectations of others, by not allowing them to smother my dreams and my ambitions of living.

Free at last or at last I am free no longer prisoner to the sarcophagus that encapsulated me, like the butterfly I spread my wings and…….. fly.

Charles Vanhorn

Pathetically Weak

The Democratic Party logo is a donkey or better yet a jackass. The Democrats were swept into office in 2018 to put a check on the President’s power. But they have done nothing with their new found power, their committee’s are a joke as well as the members themselves. They hold news conferences but give the public very little news, all the while wringing their hands in defeat. The Republicans when they are in the majority, use the law to their advantage and force the Democrats to comply. The Democrats do just the opposite and show by their actions that they are the real jackasses. They don’t portray themselves as a strong Party even when they are in the majority, these idiots forget that they have the power of the purse. If the White House refuses to comply to the Houses requests the House should refuse to fund the government. A simple solution if you ask me.

There I said It

There should be more validation given to what is known than to that which is believed.
Charles Vanhorn

I will attempt to do that which is almost impossible, by showing to the readers of this writing the complete idiocy of religion and to those who hold onto their religious beliefs. I am an African American man who was indoctrinated into the Christian faith by my ancestral right of passage. My great grandparents were Baptist Christians, my grandparents were Christian, my parents were Christian. So it should come as no surprise that I would become a Christian also, because I carried within me the DNA of my slave heritage, as well as the fact that there is overwhelming evidence and statistics to suggest that I would choose Christianity based on the geographical location as to where I was born. I was born in the U.S. thusly I became a Christian. If I was born in the Middle East, I would more than likely have practiced the Muslim faith, if I was born in Bangladesh or Asia I would be a practicing Hindu. But because I was born in America, Christianity was my one and only true faith. As an African American I had been taught to never question God, and like so many others to believe that God was omnipotent, Holy and wise and that He never makes a mistake. This was simply part of the indoctrination process that had been handed down from the White Slave owners to their Black slaves, to never question the words or the actions of Massa or face dire consequences. This was simply carried over into their religious conversion, when they tortured and abused the slaves into believing and accepting Christianity as their religion.

What better teacher was there to indoctrinate other slaves, than a slave who had already been converted. So fast forward to today and you can still see that slaves are converting other slaves into Christianity. People of other religions who practice their faith, are either gently persuaded or violently convinced by others to join the faith or face persecution or death if they refuse.
Since I am an African American I have experienced the good the bad and the ugly from religious Indoctrination. I have seen believers who desire passionately and reverently to be one with God, who perform good deed such as: feeding and clothing the homeless, giving to those who are less fortunate, building homes for those devastated by storms or other life changing situations. I have seen the good of religion but I have also seen its evil side, I have seen those who wanted to emulate those they admired in the faith by allowing their identity to be morphed into the identity of someone else, I have seen the sexual abuse within the church. I have seen people because they had a child out of wedlock, miss the loving embrace and blessing given to mother & child that others received who followed the rules. There have been others who have been condemned to hell, because they refused to accept the entire doctrine or accept without question the words from their pastor of which they were to obey.
Yes I have seen it and I have done it all as it relates to religion, from that of a faithful parishioner, to that as the role of a seasoned deacon and later as a pastor of a church. I have concluded that it is all egos and bigger egos at work and are odds with one another, based on whose church is bigger, whose choir sings the best or which pastor is more anointed. Well at this point if you are awake you should see the hypocrisy as the lie unravels, it is simply a contest to measure penis size, it is a modern day urination contest where the men compete with one another or the women fight to compete in a male dominated religion or a female dominated offshoot of the same.
It has nothing to do with GOD, because no one has ever seen or heard from God, and to add insult to injury, the bible is not God’s word it is simply the word of men who wrote instructions to the masses as they felt the need to address the issues and problems of their time.
If we look at the acceptance of Christianity by those of the African American community, we will discover that it is threefold: part Slavery, part Civil Rights and part Faith. Our ancestors prayed to God to deliver them from the cruel slave Master, this was their faith or belief in God, the God that they had been forced to accept and to believe in by the slave master. The slave master prayed that God would bless his crops, and allow his slaves to work the fields so that his harvest would be bountiful and his cash flow would increase a hundred percent. During the Civil Rights movement even though our freedom from slavery had been won, our right to partake in the wealth and privileges of that freedom had not. Who better to lead the children of modern day Egypt out of Egypt other than the
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the Black Moses of the Civil Rights movement, a man, a father, a husband and a pastor who was a leader, a leader who gave his life for his people.
Herein lies the conflict with Christianity, it was impossible for the slave and the slave master to pray to the same god. Whereas the slave was praying to God for freedom or deliverance from the master, the slave master was praying to God for wealth, health and prosperity. The Master was praying that his slaves would work hard and do as they were instructed, his prayer was contrary to the prayer of the slave. No man can serve two masters, he will hate one while loving the other, so it is plain to see the paradox that my ancestors faced. On one hand they wanted to escape the harsh and inhumane treatment of the master and of slavery, but the only way to do so was to ask God, the God of their Massa for deliverance. Not once did they realize that the power was within them, they never saw themselves as powerful, outnumbering the Massa as well as his henchmen capable in being able to overthrow the Massa and free themselves from slavery. So they remained Slaves until they were freed by the descendants of those who had enslaved them.
To this day our people still carry with them the stigma of slavery, and there is no scar that is more visible than the scar of loyalty and obedience to a faith that has never been loyal to them. My people perish because they refuse to accept the knowledge given to them, a knowledge which would carry them to freedom. Some say it is our faith which has brought us to this place in time, that it was our faith in God that saved us, our faith that sustained us and our faith in God that he will reward us for all of our pain and suffering, and welcome us into his heaven for being good & faithful servants.

Well this is here is where my streak of independent and agnostic thinking comes into play, that suddenly the God of the slave master has constructed for the poor and disenfranchised slave, a home somewhere in the sky. How is it plausible to ignore a home on earth where resources are bountiful , while we anxiously look for a home in the sky? This is starting to appear as if the African Americans have been “sold a bill of goods” where everybody else is in on the joke, that is everyone but US.
I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but we as a people have taken the Christian religion and the Christian faith and have made it our own. No one knows more about God than us, no one knows better how to get an audience with God than us, no one knows how to pray better than us. We have used our strength to defend a religious system which never defended us, we have made allowances for its failures and it’s inadequacies by being the staunchest defenders of the faith, but who have received the least as it relates to the blessings of the Kingdom.

We are perpetuating our own ignorance.

Mr. Trump

Donald Trump, who is running for the Republican nomination, has dominated every News cycle. He is controversial, he is bombastic, and he is a shrewd businessman. If you love him or hate him, you find yourself drawn to his press conferences, because you never know what Mr. Trump might do or what he might say. I find it somewhat amusing that he has taken the lead in all of the National polls. Those who take this mastermind for granted do so at their own risk. Mr. Trump even though he is self absorbed and egotistical, has tapped into a vein of the electorate and apparently they like what he is feeding them through their I.V.

Bigger picture

As human beings we focus more on our differences, and those issues that divide us, rather than the similarities that can unite us. There is a reason this unhealthy competition remains in our civilized society, because somewhere a group of people within the society, is profiting from the ignorance of the players in the game. The Romans had classifications systems within their society, which was no different than the Pharoahs of Egypt who were before them. But those civilizations are but a memory of their former glory, because when a society allows the weakest to fall between the cracks, It isn’t long before the whole empire begins to crumble.

Heritage or Hate

Most Southerners say the Confederate flag is a symbol of Heritage and Southern pride, while most Black Americans see it as a beacon for Hate. Wherever people stand on the issues, for them it becomes quite personal and quite complex. I am not sure if a majority of White Southerners, can provide pictures of their ancestors who fought in the Civil War, but African Americans can provide pictures along with the evidence, where our ancestors were murdered and the flag was there waving at us from within the picture. It is in our human nature to have biases toward one another, it becomes a darker issue when we act on those prejudices. The history of our Country is bathed in blood, it is littered with the remains of fallen soldiers, some that were heroes and others who were traitors. So whether you view the flag as a symbol of pride, or a symbol of racial pain, it all boils down to how you were affected by it, which can leave you only as defender of the flag or someone who is offended by what the flag represents.


Race in America

Watching the scenes from Ferguson and from around the Country, I was once again reminded, that the struggle for race equality in this Country continues. Yes, America has a black President. But having a black President, is not the cure all for what ails America, our Country has never truly dealt with racism. We have talked about it, but we have never healed from the sins of the past. Slavery left a huge hole inside the soul of America, which has gnawed at our moral conscience ever since. Who better to administer the antidote to the poison flowing through our veins, than the descendants of past aggressions. Unless we face these truths as a Country and as a Nation, we will continue to struggle with the fact, that America is a Nation of immigrants, and that all of its citizens must be treated equally.

Jack booted thugs?

In the past when you heard the phrase, “to serve and protect,” you knew that it referred to the men & women in blue. But as of late, some cops who serve in this capacity have forgotten their sacred vows to the communities in which they serve. This is by no means the attitude of all policeman, but it is the attitude of a few: and it is those few, who are giving departments around the country a black eye.

There have been several News stories in recent weeks, where cops have been caught on video abusing their power. This type of behavior may have overlooked in the past, but it has now caught the attention of your everyday American due to the advancements made in cell phone technology.

It is troubling to see a grandmother, being beaten by a policeman on the side of the freeway, but it is more disturbing to witness a person being chocked to death by police for allegedly selling cigarettes. Police are human beings, but they are called to a higher standard of service and must be judged accordingly when they err.

When Peter Parker who is (Spiderman) discovered his superhuman ability, he always remembered the words of his grandfather who told him, “with great power comes great responsibility.” In recent days there have been other reports of police misconduct, as it relates to death of Michael Brown & John Crawford. If this is to become the “modus operandi” for policeman, then who is there to protect us from them?



How Democrats can win in November

If Democrats hope to win in November, they must show the electorate that they deserve to win, because the only thing in life that is certain is death and taxes. Democrats must remind the voters of Republican misdeeds, and what they will do as Democrats if given the opportunity to serve. They must show a clear distinction between themselves and the Party of No, Democrats must show assertiveness and strike the right message tone. They must indicate to the voters, how the will of the electorate has been thwarted by the actions of the Republicans in congress, reminding them that it was the Republicans who shut down the government, and that it was the Republicans who refused to extend unemployment benefits. If the Democrats list their accomplishments such as the A.H.C.A. along with their restructuring of the auto industry, and how they turned around a fledgling economy, instead of singing the blues in November they might be able to dance to a little Rock & Roll.